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spun themeSPUN theme customized as a Facebook integrated portfolio site, click to see it live in action

WordPress sometimes feels like a big candyshop to me but once in a while things just get ridiculous. Looking for a nice responsive portfolio theme I stumbled upon SPUN and was immediatly hooked. SPUN is a beautiful, minimal and intuïtive theme with a nice female energy. The homepage consist of rounded featured images which ease into color on mouseover, really making you feel he colors. With every photo a new relation with light is established giving optimum charge to your artwork. Every photo is then savely stored back in a slumber of black and white.

Featured plugin: Gallery Share

In customizing SPUN theme into the above Facebook integrated portfolio site I’ve found a GREAT plugin to share gallery pics on Facebook. Gallery Share is a lightbox, Facebook comment and share plugin in one.  Be sure to check it out!

Free plugin
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The ease in/out css3 effect is further put to good use on the header image, the menu, post meta, hell just about everything that will divert attention from the content. It makes the user experience pleasently reactive. The comments and widget erea and just above the footer are toggled, only in sight if you need them. Lets get a general impression on how this works:


There’s plenty of post formats and visual goodness. SPUN is very tasteful and careful in addressing the visitor, one could easily add some testosterone using css though (as I have done). I’ve found the coding very accessable and when I lacked the skills to add a category description Caroline personally answered the support ticket within 20 minutes! Yes, I’m a fan.

Featured plugin: Support System

This plugin sets up a comprehensive support system for your WordPress Multisite network. It has an FAQ and Support Ticket systems available to all your users via the WordPress Admin.

Premium plugin
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I hope you have enjoyed this article and that it was of use to you, if you have any questions, additions or remarks please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. Godspeed!

I am currently designing a new theme for jaaadesign and you would help me greatly if you’d give me your opinion about this website! Please use the comments erea if you have something to add to your answers.

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