AMP Recent Posts widget

Widget generates a customizable list of links of AMP articles in the widget area of your choice.

Works well with WPML translate plugin, live demo in the sidebar.

Read all about implementing AMP into your website here: WordPress AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) tutorial


  1. Upload en activate the plugin
  2. Go to ‘Widgets’ en place the widget in a sidebar
  3. Customize the settings to your liking:
AMP Recent posts Widget

AMP Recent Posts widget options:

Customizing the display of the widget:

  1. Slug: depending on which AMP plugin you are using you can adjust the slug to direct to the AMP articles.
    Standard: ‘amp’ (appropriate for the AMP plugin by Automatic). Example: ‘amp-post‘ will generate a slug ‘yourwebsite.nl/post/amp-post/
  2. Title: add a H4 widget heading.
    Standard: none
  3. Total links: set a limit to the amount of posts displayed.
    Standard: 5000
  4. Date: add the post date.
    Standard: no

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