AMP Related Posts

Plugin generated a list with AMP articles from the same category, to be implemented into your AMP template (visitor is not redirected to regular website).

Using the AMP Related Posts plugin visitors that entered via AMP will be able to use AMP after clicking related links. Allows to customize the slug of the AMP related links , add a title and set a limit to the total amount of links.


  1. Upload and activate plugin
  2. Place the below code in your AMP template (click the image to download the shortcode):

AMP Related Posts options:

Customizing the display of the AMP Related Posts plugin:

  1. Slug: depending on which AMP plugin you are using you can adjust the slug to direct to the AMP articles:
    Standard: ‘amp’ (appripriate for the AMP plugin by Automatic).

    Example: append=’amp-post’ will generate a slug ‘yourwebsite.nl/post/amp-post/

  2. Title: add a H3 heading:
    heading=’AMP HTML Sitemap’
    Standard: none
  3. Total links: set a limit to the amount of posts displayed:
    Standard: 10

The code can now look like this (click the image to download):

…what will result in in:


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