AMP Validation Bookmarklet: optimize your workflow!

Accelerated Mobile Pages are a new and exciting part of our daily job here at jaaadesign. Implementing AMP (and developing new plugins) does require a lot of testing and for this reason we’ve created the AMP validation bookmarklet.
Simply drag the button into your bookmarks bar above, visit any page and click the bookmarklet to test it: results will open in a new window.

…and since we’re sharing here’s a golden oldie that must have saved us days over the last years: the Google Structured Data Testing Tool bookmarklet:

…and the extremely crafty Snoopy bookmarklet which allows you to view the page source of any page even on mobile! Seriously, how cool is that??

Some websites are just set up to present you with as much adverts as possible and force you to click ‘next page’ for evry photo, non related to web development but here’s a true gem: PageZipper! Work on pagination as well, simply click the bookmarklet and all content will be visible on 1 page!


What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a hyperlink containing a small piece of javascript instead of an URL. When you click on it, instead of just being directed to a place on the web, a function will execute. Much like browser add ons and extensions they enable us to do more in less time. Since the bookmarks bar is nothing more than a collection of hyperlinks it is the perfect place to store your bookmarklets for later use.

A well chosen bookmarklet can be of enormous benefit to your workflow, with a single mouse click you might skip 5 steps in getting where you need to be and you might perform this action 10-20 times a day… Finding a great one can take some effort though, after all we do not always know what we really need or what is available, but it’s definitely worth spending a few lost hours on it! Here are some places for you to start:

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Do you use bookmarklets and which are your favorites? Let us know!


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